- For a safe holiday -

Piantelle Care COVID-19 Info

We take the trust you put in us seriously and have worked hard to ensure your holiday is as safe as possible. These are the steps we have taken to achieve this.


  • Masks must be worn in public places.
  • Current and updated local rules and regulations summarised and translated clearly for you on this page and handed to you at reception.
  • Disinfectant Gel Stations can be found at reception, at the restaurant, and in the communal bathrooms.
  • Disinfectant hand wash has been installed in all bathrooms
  • Individual disinfectant sprays also available at check-in or at the mini market
  • Security barriers and social distancing: You will see at reception and other public areas, social distancing markers or barriers. This is for your safety and ours.
  • Temperature Checks: You can check your temperature at check-in with a touch-free thermometer.


  • Deep Cleaning: All accommodations, toilet blocks, reception, restaurant, pool area, mini club and mini-market are regularly deep cleaned and disinfectant is applied to all surfaces.
  • Ozone Treatments & H2O2 Nebulisers: Your homes are deep cleaned and all surfaces treated with disinfectant spray, as well as an Ozone generator and/or H2O2. These systems work on all soft surfaces that cannot be sprayed with liquid disinfectants.


Currently closed due to new regulation as of 07/04/2021


  • Regular Temperature Checks: Everyone is tested daily to ensure no one is showing symptoms of a fever. Staff with a fever are removed from work immediately.
  • All external contractors follow a strict procedure to ensure no-one with cold symptoms or fever can enter Piantelle.
  • PPE: All staff internal and external, is equipped with correct personal protective equipment according to their role.
  • Hand Washing: All staff regularly and correctly wash their hands and ensure no hand to face touching.


  • Space: Camping Piantelle stretches over 85,000 m2, the highest square metre to person ration in the area. There is plenty of space for safe, social distancing.
  • Clean Air: Being in nature you enjoy the healthy fresh air at Camping Piantelle, surrounded by hundreds of green trees and the Lake itself.
  • Distanced: Our mobile homes all have at least 2.5 meters between them and we have a choice of larger pitches.
  • Take Away Meals: Our full menu can be ordered for take away to be enjoyed within your accommodation.
  • No Overcrowding: From the Reception, restaurant, bar, market and toilet blocks, we will control the number of people entering to ensure no over crowing.
  • Online Check-in: You can check in online, which means once you arrive you must only show your ID to confirm the data and pick up your keys or pitch number and be on your way. Time at reception is more than halved.


  • We will wait to see what new regulations will be in place for the 2021 season.