A message for our friends in Northern Europe

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Written on 18 Mar 2020

Dear Friends,

We are thinking of you with fondness as you enter this difficult moment in your fight against the pandemic. Here in Italy, we have been fighting for three weeks, with an ever-increasing limitation of our freedom of movement. Schools, bars, restaurants, shops… all places to carelessly spend some quality time, all closed. We can go to work, return home and thank the stars we are in health. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it is only now that we realise the joy and colour visiting all these places brought to our lives. But it has also made us realise that there are moments in life in which you must make sacrifices and choices. In just a few short days our lives changed, a surreal dream-like existence from which we would like to awake. But it is not a dream. We can only adapt, rely on our strong roots, but also be flexible to whatever may blow in our direction. We must follow new rules, whilst keeping afloat our zest for life, something you are all so good at doing: we see this in your eyes when you visit Piantelle.

Be strong friends.


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