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Written on 16 Jul 2017

I took this photo of a rock in the Antartica peninsula in 2008 as I was struck by the strong colours, but also because it amazed me that some species can adapt and live in such extreme conditions. The struggle and this very need to adapt to their environment is what makes them strong. This is the guiding tradition of Piantelle: we never give up. We adapt to our environment, we adapt to new trends and technology all to offer you the perfect holiday, the definition of which has changed in the last 20 years and will continue to change into the future.

So we are pleased to present you the new web site, driven by my daughter Giuliana and fruit of the design and imagination of Claudio Riva our web designer. The website is an evolution of previous ones, and with it we wish to express our attention to detail and the passion with which we work to live up to your expectations. I am sure you will love it. I find it informative, very complete and simply beautiful.

I asked Claudio and Giuliana to leave me a little corner in which to simply express and share my feelings and thoughts, because they are emotions you all impart to me, you who love and cherish this beautiful bit of heaven on Lake Garda.



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