The tip of a nose in the lake

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Written on 16 Jul 2017

It doesn’t happen every day that whilst sunbathing with your girlfriend on the lake, you see the tip of a nose bobbing in the water. And yet believe me this is what happened here at Piantelle a couple of weeks ago. The young couple quickly realised that the nose was attached to a body that was lifeless and drowning, the nose like the stern of the titanic before it went underwater. In an instant the couple was in the water and saved the nose (and body), returning the limp body to shore.

It doesn’t happen every day that you decide to take a dip on a beautiful sunny day, in the mirror calm lake, that you walk out to the deeper cool water, your last memory a little shiver because of the chill, and then a moment later you wake up lying on the beach surrounded by very worried faces of your friends and family, and … an ambulance crew.

It was on a peaceful evening here at Piantelle that the fates of these three people crossed paths. Some mysterious force drove them together, much to the joy and relief of the young couple and the saved swimmer. Stories like this make me think that there must be a good spirit overlooking this place. Or perhaps it underlines that I hope there is a good spirit looking over us, who knows.



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