Ferragosto: Party time at Piantelle

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Written on 11 Aug 2017

15th August is Ferragosto – a national Holiday in Italy. We are bringing it back to the very elements this year to battle against each other in 4 teams.

Who will you be?

  • FIRE
  • AIR

We have an action packed day for you. Meet at the Playground at 9:30 to choose your team, create your team shout and connect with your element. Then the competition begins!

  • Tug of war
  • Balloon Darts Competition
  • Piantelle “parcour” obstacle course
  • Build the biggest Sand Castle in the theme of your element

Break for lunch.

At 15:30 meet at the pool. Your team will race to run across a lava field (don’t fall in!), compete in a relay race across the pool, dive to collect all your elements and finally we will all make a wish and release our four colours of helium balloons.

After all the games we reunite in our team colours at the restaurant ad the winner will be declared. There can only be one winning element! Will it be yours?

Mini Disco and team dance will follow whilst us adults enjoy a Spritz and Mojito party!

Be there. It is elemental. Watson.

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