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Keep fit

Acqua Gym, Yoga, Pilates and Sports

Fitness and Sports = keeping Fit while on Holiday!

Keeping fit and active is a key part of most people’s lives and when on holiday it should be no different. Our Entertainment Team has some great fitness instructors ready to get you moving with Acqua Gym, Yoga, Pilates or even a fun game of beach volley. You can download the entertainment program to find all the fitness elements planned for you, or ask for a copy in reception. This is updated weekly.

If you want to explore activities outside of the Campsite there are some gyms nearby that offer daily weekly or monthly subscriptions. You can also explore trekking and cycling routes in this section of our website.

Acqua Gym

What exactly is aquagym? Literally translated, it means gymnastics in water. Aquagym is an easy and accessible sport that is healthy for your body, your heart and your mind. A balanced figure and a relaxed mind, without exhausting yourself too much. And of course, at Piantelle we do it in a very special way: in the swimming pool.

Water spinning is unique, fun and healthy.


Yoga is a form of exercise where you gain control over your body and mind. There are many different types of yoga with some styles focusing more on the mind and others more on the body. Of course, all styles of yoga involve focusing on both body and mind but this therefore varies from style to style. Yoga brings mind and body close together (again) and when you are balanced you feel better.

Join in with daily yoga exercises and feel better!


You could describe Pilates as a “strenuous relaxation class”. Pilates is a workout that focuses on posture, stability, coordination, breathing and focus on body and mind. It is an effective workout that strengthens and stretches your muscle groups to achieve a strong yet supple body.

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